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Small Stones

“A small stone is a polished moment of paying proper attention.”

Today I have decided I’m taking part in A River of Stones throughout January.
This involves noticing and writing down (succinctly) one thing every day.

Here’s info about how to write small stones: Writing your own small stones by Fiona Robyn

I did something similar last year. I attempted a Haiku every day for a few months. But, even though I enjoyed that and still love Haiku, I think this will be more fun for me. Haiku come with varying and debatable sets of rules about lines, syllables and imagery which I found a little frustrating and occasionally depersonalising.

Thanks to Fiona and Kaspa for organising this. It’s a superb idea.

Want to join in?

• Go to the Welcome page at A River of Stones

• Follow @ariverofstones on Twitter

• email and ask to be emailed updates

Pure White Doves?

stench through the window
churned up newly-muck-spread field
eight white doves fly down

End of Winter?

The sun melts the snow
and blackbirds collect dried grass.
Too many starlings

A Memory

a buttercup gift
from a blonde grandchild in Spring
to a new widow


this year’s Christmas soaps
stand in line along the bath
shiny and unused

3rd Jan

cold hands cold feet
through the window the sun
heating my hair

1st January

an open fire
crackles in the grate unheard
above household noise

1st December

sycamore leaf
cartwheels in the wind and rain
brown and shiny


child’s lone bicycle
takes a ghostly solo trip
in a howling gale

Sunday Morning

coffee aromas
as soap trails take leave clockwise
to Archers theme tune

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