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Ode to my executive functioning difference 

I made a list of “Things To Do”

Hoping it would see me through. 

Simple things and normal tasks.

With time to take – each one was marked.

Basic jobs you do with ease

Instinctively in twos and threes.

But I must do them one-by-one. 

And check my list to get them done. 

To keep an order is the worst. 

Whichever task shall I do first? 

And where on Earth does my time go? 

How others cope I’ll never know. 

At lunchtime you might find me sat

Half-dressed with jeans upon my lap.

Lost in thought, off-list again – 

Distracted by my tangled brain. 

That’s not to say my brain is bad 

Or wrong, disordered, faulty or mad.

It’s just my genes – I’m made this way

To live a slightly different day. 

Give me one task – serious and long

That I may truly focus upon.

And then you’ll see my mind works well

When released from daily domestic hell. 

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  1. I love this – clear and engaging.

    Liked by 1 person


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