The Hobo* Versus the Expensive Shoes

The best of anything comes about through gentle, tolerant delegation, not through dictatorship. 

Good leaders lead others to be their best, to do their best, and like a good parent, a good teacher and a good human, they see themselves as useful and part of something whole – not above it. Their own image takes a back seat as they allow others to shine and concentrate on what is truly important and dismiss what is not. Good leaders work harder but take a lower profile than dictators. 
Looking forward, giving hope, sharing optimism, highlighting strengths. Never seeing the most awful things in life as inevitable but seeing them instead as fixable, as solvable or something that must be tended to. 

Dictators’ speeches are not discussions with us. We are passive subjects. They shoot words like arrows to our emotions but leave us powerless and uninvolved. 

The speeches of good leaders involve us, let us think, bring us into the solution. They give us respect for ourselves and encourage us to see our own strengths and autonomy. 

I have believed in Jeremy Corbyn since Day 1 of his first leadership election. I listened to his words and they always made sense to me. I never saw scruffy or weak or “too nice”. There is no such thing as too nice. 
There is, however, a big thing called “Not nice enough”. It doesn’t always come in the form of expensive shoes and sharp clothes and empty rhetoric. But this time it did. 

We are beginning to see substance over front, I hope. 

*Hobo is a word used by someone to describe Jeremy Corbyn in a social media discussion started by one of my friends recently. Some of us were taken aback and more than a little disturbed and disappointed by the importance placed by some on appearances and clothing. 

One thought on “The Hobo* Versus the Expensive Shoes

  1. I want to take every word you’ve written and shout it from the rooftops. You have expressed my feelings and my beliefs in ways that I haven’t been able to articulate. Thank you, Rachel.


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