I am a green socialist. I am a member of The Green Party. I’ve taken policy surveys that conceal until the end what policies represent what parties and my results always come out entirely Green and to the left. My mother is a Green parish councillor, and my sister is a Labour parliamentary candidate in another constituency.
So I guess it’s in our blood.

My own strong instincts say that we must protect people and the environment simultaneously because we are inextricably linked.
I want the world to have a safe future and I don’t want people to suffer.
I don’t believe in top down economics. I don’t believe that rich and powerful people should have whatever they want, and I don’t believe in rewarding greed. I want to live in a country of equal opportunity, equal schooling and equal healthcare. I want to see people rise out of poverty because the things that were holding them down have been removed. I want to see our green energy investment and output rise, wildlife protected, children valued more highly, diversity embraced, and I want to see high earners taxed properly. Basically I want what’s best for everybody: to live in a fairer society, and I believe it is perfectly possible. I know it’s possible. It’s a lie that there is no money. 

I am anti-austerity and anti-cuts to all our important services. I am anti nuclear and I am very excited by the British imagination, inovation, and ability to invent and develop – particularly in the field of greener energy. 

So, those are certainly pretty Green and pretty socialist credentials. 

And I believe Corbyn would make a fine PM regardless of the denegration by much of the media and in particular the right wing press (they’re obviously very afraid). 

    But, despite all this, I will be voting Liberal Democrat on June 8th. 
    Because I live in North Devon.

We have reached a point of great desperation and unfairness in our county. Social mobility is going backwards, dirty fuels and unsafe fuels are being funded over greener ones. Food banks are opening up almost everywhere to cope with desperate hunger and poverty. Food banks should not even exist in this rich country! People are literally dying because of cuts to benefits and cuts to domestic abuse services. Health, education and wages are not being properly supported to give people the right chances in life. Housing and opportunities for young people are in a terrible mess. And we are not putting anywhere near enough consideration into the damage we are causing to the planet and our fellow creatures. Things are particularly bad for a great many people right now and they are only going to get worse, and more people will be affected if we continue to have a Tory government. The people in power currently only care about the circles they move in.

If I vote Green or Labour here, yes, of course my vote will count – every vote counts, every vote is important – yes I will have furthered the Labour or Green candidates’ chances, yes, all those votes add up to show a final total of people who care for a cause, but where I live, here, in North Devon they won’t actually change anything; they won’t change the MP we send to parliament and we will still have a Tory MP who doesn’t properly represent the people and who will add to the numbers of Tory MPs that make up the total in Parliament and give Theresa May a chance of continuing to make a mess of things. It’s important we don’t send the same Tory MP back to Parliament to continue being a weak Yes man, who simply votes for whatever is most popular with other Tories on our behalf. 

    One Fewer Tory to Parliament…

In order to do my best for my country – at this particular election on June 8th, and at this particularly important time, I will be voting tactically for the best possible chance of sending one fewer Tory to Parliament to support and vote for their terrible, damaging policies, and reduce the balance of power. 
If we here in North Devon no longer have a Conservative MP, that is good for us. It also means our new MP can go to Parliament to vote against many of the Conservative policies that harm the whole of the country. He will reduce the number of MPs who are Conservative and make voting in Parliament fairer. 

If I vote Green or Labour I will send a message but not an MP. 
This is not the time for messages. This is a time for action. 
With all my heart I hope to see a greener, fairer government walk through the door at Number 10 after the election. The best chance of this is to be part of a movement that says Enough.

So on June 8th 2017, I will support Nick Harvey, Liberal Democrat, because I have to. It’s my civic duty. It’s my best chance of being a good neighbour. It’s what my head is telling me. 

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