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Autism and Empathy for Dummies

If you read anything in the media about Theresa May being autistic because of her lack of empathy, know that it offends all autistic people. I can’t think of many women more unlike me. 
The empathy thing is wrong, was always wrong and we’re sick of it. 

Being an unimaginative, privileged twat with a serious deficit in the guilt department is nothing to do with autism. 

Refusing to be accountable for your actions because your self-preservation instinct is stronger than your caring one is nothing to do with autism. 

Refusing to answer questions because you know the truth but are intent on concealing it is nothing to do with autism. 

I watched David Lammy on C4 news last night and wanted to crawl into my TV and hug him. I spend my life thinking about other people and imagining how things are for them. It is who I am. My empathy consumes me. It keeps me awake at night. I know I am privileged and I know I don’t suffer like many others do but it doesn’t stop me thinking about it and knowing it’s not fair and wanting things to be better. I spend my life doing things that are uncomfortable for me because I know most other people are not autistic and do not want what I want. There are few more empathetic than autistic people living to keep non autistics happy. 
I am warm and soft and weepy and kind. I walk a quiet life of bare feet and kindness. 

So fuck off with your Theresa May theories and give us a break. 

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