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Twenty (ish) Reasons Why I can’t Possibly be Autistic*


  1. I’m not a boy
  2. I’m not a child
  3. I can and do empathise
  4. I’m not a genius in any field
  5. I don’t have a savant talent
  6. I like people
  7. I don’t rock, flap, jump or visibly stim
  8. I don’t have obvious meltdowns
  9. I shower and wash my hair every day
  10. I don’t have an obsession with space like the boy I knew at primary school
  11. I like fashion and think about what I wear
  12. I have brought up 3 children
  13. I don’t hit people
  14. I could talk and communicate at a very young age
  15. I’m not fussy about food and I love strong flavours
  16. I understand sarcasm and don’t take everything literally
  17. I am perfectly capable of accepting other people have a different point of view based on their experiences (even though I often wish they wouldn’t!)
  18. I love hugs
  19. I love hugs
  20. I love hugs

Hug me

(Make sure you’ve washed first)

Okay now leave me alone for a while 😜

What are yours?

*and yet I am

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  1. I love this post, really, really love it. [Virtual Hug]

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  2. Excellent! I can’t be either. I have showered too…

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    • 🤔


      • Ah. That makes no sense. I could have sworn I wrote more. That comment should have ended


        • Oh for goodness sakes! It’s a punctuation issue. WordPress not including what was in the arrows. I’ll try again. “Holds our arms expectantly” except now it’s all fallen horribly flat. I’ll get my coat…

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        • Oh haha – you did make me laugh!
          And you did make sense. Hugs x

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  3. Hugs from me too lovely girl!

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  4. fiona marshall #

    Ooh great post..showered..shiny and waiting for a HUG 😛 xx

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  5. HUGS!!!

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