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Treading Water

“It takes so much more strength to plough with all your effort through a difficult day and to keep going than it does to surge with little toil or exertion through a healthy day appearing brighter and more victorious,” I thought to myself today.

A difficult day is all about prioritising despite a struggle to think straight, to remain upright. It’s about finding the courage to choose what is best to do and say, about when to slog on, and when and how to stop and make time to recharge.
These are the battle days.
These are the finding the strong within me days.

The other days are simply about sailing on a tide with the wind in my favour.

What did you do today?
Today I walked through a storm and I kept walking.

Three cheers for anyone treading water. Getting through these days where achievements are invisible deserves the biggest medals of all.

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  1. Hazel Katherine Larkin #

    Thanks for writing this, Rachel. I’m having one of those days today, so this was an opportune read. I keep wondering if I’ll make it through – and then reminding myself that I have a 100% success rate of making it through those (these!) kind of days.


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    • Society rewards our “good” days doesn’t it? We are more valued and more popular when we are healthy and energetic. We are praised for our measurable achievements. Quiet days, though, are often necessary – crucial even and we should perhaps not always embrace them as such – because we often feel quite self-deprecating on these days but we should accept them and ride them out. I’m seeing how me being slow and quiet today means our daughter is quietly painting in the conservatory (not as grand as it sounds!) with the windows open and all I can hear is shuffling, brushes rinsing in a jar and birdsong. It’s tempting me to just give in, fetch a book and sit in there with her instead of bemoaning my lack of contribution to today.


    • PS Hugs X


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