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Intricately, Profoundly Simple 

A tiny hoverfly on a tiny chive flower

A tiny hoverfly on a tiny chive flower

We insult our own and each other’s intelligence with descriptions such as “the little things”, “simple pleasures”, and we leave ourselves wanting, expecting more of life and of ourselves. We tell ourselves little and simple should surely never be enough. We deserve bigger, better. We should have ambition and drive and strive for a place high above the simple. Little things and simple things become merely a break or a holiday from the important things – the things we should really be wanting and really be aiming for. “Big” things. 

“Complicated” things. 

The hard work things. 

And yet the not-so-simple truth is that the things which bring us simple pleasure and which we have long sort to degrade with labels of “ordinary” and “boring” are in fact phenomenally complicated, rich and interesting, and often hard to come by and hard to hold on to. 

Once we start to appreciate the complexities of the little things, the hard graft behind the simple things, and the time, motivation and aspiration needed to keep and protect those things, we can begin to see that which we thought of as important and aspirational were really just empty trophies of greed and insecurity. 

There is nothing simple about the simple stuff. 

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  1. Viv #

    Bravo. Splendid and utterly true. Thank you x



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