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Non-perfectionists versus Perfectionists

Your assignment: Undertake 10 specific tasks tomorrow.


The Non-perfectionist:
Well I can see you’ve given me too much to do in the time so I’m aiming to perform 8 of those. Because I don’t want to run over into my own spare time, I’ve deleted two tasks which I consider unnecessary.

The Perfectionist:
Those ten tasks? Oh. Okay. I’ll stay up half the night worrying and planning and set my alarm earlier than usual.



The Non-perfectionist
8 tasks achieved as promised. I haven’t knocked myself out (and why should I? I wasn’t asked to knock myself out) but I’m happy that it’s all done. Yay me.

I’m off to do something for myself now.


The Perfectionist:
I haven’t finished yet!!! Can I have extra time?! I’ve only finished 7 tasks and only 6 of those are absolutely perfect! Oh I’m so cross with myself because I know I can do better! No, I won’t stop to eat. I didn’t sleep last night anyway so I feel a bit sick. I will get it all done. Boy, I’m exhausted. Stupid me.


Much later… 

The Non-perfectionist:


The Perfectionist:
Oh, I’m so disappointed with myself that all that took so long and that the last two tasks weren’t done better. I wish I were a better person. I’ll just lie awake all night going over everything and sighing hugely with my great sense of underachievement.


(Needed to write this today to remind myself… )


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  1. I’d drive you crazy. I don’t have time to sew these days but years ago I was the one that would pick up a piece of fabric and just cut out a garment without a pattern. My attention to detail was rubbish but it never mattered!

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