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There is a phenomenon on social media I think I will call ‘My input is more important than your feelings’
(I’m saying it now because it hasn’t happened to me for a while).
I call it a phenomenon because I don’t see it in face-to-face interactions – or at least not in the tactless way I see it occur in places such as Facebook. 

It seems to be driven by not being able to see how much you’re hurting someone or how you’re digging a hole for yourself. I think about it a lot – how the Internet can allow us to be both more honest and more hurtful, whilst, ironically, giving more time to think about what we’re saying. 

So what is it that makes us more tactful when we’re physically with someone? It’s clearly not always about having extra time to think. 

You don’t have to answer that. You can nod, scratch your chin and pour more wine instead. 

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