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Dear Inner Guru


Take me to a hammock, well-supported by two strong trees, in a secret destination.

Let there be no clocks, no watches, no TV, no radio; no news bulletins, no routines, no fixed mealtimes.

Vanish the engines of the modern world. Halt the wars, the greed and the destruction and the pain wrought in the name of power and progress

Tell me the weather will be what it will be but that I am safe. Make me breathe – properly breathe so I may feel the power in my breath and I may blow away old stress in my lungs.

Give me air, give me water, give me sunlight. Demand that I list what else it is I truly believe I need or deserve from life other than air and water, food and shelter. Let me carve a heart on a tree as my list. Allow me to believe I’m worth a little love.

Make me close my eyes and listen to the breeze and how it moves the things around me. Let me open them again only to look at clouds and birds and flickering leaves.
Tell me now is what matters. This is not about the times gone or times to come.

Cut the strings of the false hammock holding up my life, that I might turn off the chaos, mute the panic, drive out the urgency.

Now show me a space for calm to fit neatly where anxiety usually reigns, and pass me the book I could never before quiet my mind enough to read.

Teach me that peace is held in a hammock between two trees, not strung together by past battles and future fears.

Anxiety is disabling. It fills your head. It saps your strength. Often it is non-specific – it is a physical and emotional block. Sometimes it creates a whirlwind, and you’re trapped inside begging for peace. When the world can’t understand, can’t give you peace, you have to try to search for fixes of your own. 

I’m not at all religious but I do believe there are spiritual ways of asking for help and I do believe we have more answers than we know inside us. This is me, asking myself to help and giving myself some answers 

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  1. My God, Rachel, that is so beautiful xx


  2. …..remind me that this is just one of many lives yet to be lived
    Thanks Rachel for you beautiful dream.


  3. If only we could be mindful all the time, but it’s so hard to focus on staying in the now in this crazy world we inhabit.



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