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Joined up thinking 

I’ve got a real “the Nation didn’t speak” kind of feeling today.

It’s more of a “the spin spoke”, “the lies spoke”, “the laziness spoke”, and “the ignorance spoke” mix of feelings. 

I watch quite a lot of TV. I like ordinary stuff and as well as gritty dramas, I like observing real people and watching their reactions to things. I watch a lot of BBC news and I see how people are being fed certain messages and information and I see vast swathes of crucial stuff that is completely omitted while pointless banal stuff is repeated until we are convinced it means something.

I watch a lot of what I call well-produced crap on TV and I know millions of other people watch it too. 

People are not as autonomous as they like to think they are; they are lazy and they ignore information that doesn’t sit well with them. We often grab at stuff that relieves our own guilt. 

Most of us don’t see how politics works and is completely connected to every part of our lives. Most of us aren’t given enough reasons regularly or consistently enough through the media to see how we are all connected and responsible socially or to give a stuff about what we are doing to nature and the planet and its fragility. 

Most of us weren’t given the kind of education that gives us the opportunity to bullshit spot or seriously question systems of people in powerful positions.

Today’s election results don’t surprise me. I am not shocked. I am not taking to my bed in despair. I hear the things people say, I knew it was coming. I continue to feel disappointed that it’s all about personality, power, selfish wants (and not even needs on the whole), short-term rewards for only a very few and lies, lies, lies and more dammed lies 

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  1. Gill Fraser Lee #

    I couldn’t agree more. Beautifully expressed x



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