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Peace, please: this Aspie angst.

An open request.
I have Asperger’s, I have anxiety and I have acute hearing. If you sit in your van, behind our garden hedge, in the lane that only leads to next door – and which I only expect to see my neighbours using – having a loud conversation, just yards from my garden door, it feels as if you are in my garden. I can hear what you are saying and I feel I am invaded and not able to have my own conversations, my own thoughts, my own peace. You are not meant to be in my garden idyll – in fact you destroy my garden idyll.
I am not paranoid or stupid, I don’t feel threatened per say, I just don’t know you or why you are there – you are too close for comfort and I need you out of my zone of peace.

My anxiety will rise, I will pace and I will be unable to function properly.

I will start vocalising my concerns more and more loudly until you go away.

This is how it is.

I don’t ask for much. Please give me my peace.

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