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Autism Reframed

#AutismisNotaCrime Flash Blog

Autism is not Unfriendly Twisted Inhospitable Sociopathic Monstrous

Autism is Unusual Thoughtful Introspective Sympathetic Mindful
My Asperger’s is quiet, reflective, loving and observant. I love her very much and I’m glad we found each other. I feed her with photography, facts, creativity and words; nature, plants, flowers and open air; projects and quiet time.

What do you feed yours?

This flash blog was prompted by this post by Gretchen Leary: Flash Blog: Autism is Not a Crime and very much inspired by this post: #Autismisnotacrime Flash Blog by Musings of an Aspie

People with Asperger’s and Autism are suffering – again – because of the way lazy media write about us ignorantly.
As Gretchen writes: ‘Stop spreading lies … for the sake of a headline.’

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  1. Love this graphic!!



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