The Friend in the Mirror

The face in the mirror looks back at me, offended.
Why do you look so disappointed? it asks.
What were you expecting?

I’ve had three children.
I’ve lived forty-three years
I’ve seen great sadness
I’ve suffered many sleepless nights.
I’ve drunk too much wine.

I’ve thought
I’ve worried
I’ve cried
I’ve burned
I’ve chilled
I’ve strained

I’ve been slapped by wind
I’ve laughed
I’ve hurt
I’ve fallen

I haven’t let myself go.
I fought hard for this face

We’ve been young. Remember? That was years ago.

Now this face is furnished with the souvenirs of an interesting journey.

Not empty and open anymore.
This face knows things.

We have experience – this face and your memories.

Let’s be friends.

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