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Let all the jobs be finished
Let all the people be gone
Let all the phone calls be done

Give me only one sound
One sight
One purpose

Let the door be open
Let me wander
Let me take small steps

To a salty ocean
Or a mossy oak
Or a heathery moor

The suck of mud underfoot
The grab of a bramble at a sleeve
The pulse of steps and of a heart

Take away internal battles
Make it easy to go
Make existence my purpose

Let me be scorched by sun
Or bitten by wind
Or beaten by hail

Let sleep visit
Let mornings be welcome
And let nights be a reward

Let me be spiritual without a god
Without a church
Without a meaning

For it is the search for meaning
That leaves everything so meaningless
And my life without a purpose

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  1. Love love love this x


  2. Beautiful. Sums up so many of us I think.


  3. Just perfection. xxx


  4. Liz Wood #

    I like this, too!


  5. Liz Wood #

    sounds a bit Audenesque


  6. Liz Wood #

    and I love Auden



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