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A flash fiction

We are allowed to watch a film on a doctor’s fold-up computer in the camp. It is a film in a language I don’t understand with people so different from us it is like they are from another planet. Their clothes are plain and pale and flat. They speak too loud and too fast and there is never any still or any quiet.
A translator tells us it is a film popular with children all over the world.

There is a girl my age in the film. But she is not like me. She sits with her family at a table to eat but she doesn’t like her meal and refuses to eat it. I can not imagine ever refusing food.

The girl in the film is shouting at her father.
When the floods came and the mud and the house moved down the hill and we tried to run away I shouted at my father. But he didn’t hear me.

The girl in the film says a word: Yuck.
I would like some yuck. I would eat some yuck. I want to pull her flat hair and sit in her place and eat up all her yuck and show her how hungry I am.


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  1. Rach, you are a very special person and I am privileged to know you.


  2. More powerful than I’d expected, especially given the title. When writing for disaster and relief situations, I’ve often thought about how idle entertainment value could misfire like this did for her.


  3. I read this through several times, on the first read the third paragraph held a punch which took me completely by surprise, this story is far cleverer and more powerful than the name would suggest.

    And the message that we should all be grateful for what we have comes over loud and clear.

    Very well done Rachel.


  4. This is great.


  5. That was unexpected but so powerful… Flash fiction at its most brilliant.


  6. So much in so few words. Thank you for the story.



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