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There is a time for everything?

To every thing there is a reason, and a time for daily tasks which must be done.

A time to get up, a time to wash; a time to cook, and a time to eat what has been cooked.
A time to do that which earns money, and a time to do that which helps the family; a time to talk, and a time to keep silent.
A time to wash clothes, a time to hang those clothes to dry; a time to grow vegetables, and a time to despair when they fail in bad weather.
A time to feed the dog, and a time to walk the dog; a time to take photographs, and a time to exercise.
A time to listen to the news, a time to listen to music; a time to cry at sad memories, and a time to smile at happy memories.
A time to log in to Facebook, a time to log in to Twitter; a time to deal with emails, and a time to deal with websites.
A time to make lists, and a time to live free of lists, a time to watch TV, and a time to read a book.
A time to sit, and a time to think; a time to look in the mirror and say,

‘Why have you stopped writing, Rachel?’

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  1. There seem to be lots of writers who just write. They sit down for an hour and words just pop out. I’m envious of them. I need lots of headspace to write and have been struggling recently. I’m not sure it’s just about time.



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