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Flash Collection Update

Ten days into announcing this anthology things are ticking along nicely. Submissions are now into double figures and, going by the feedback from the beta readers, there’s some really good stuff coming in. A diverse mix of, ‘something for everyone,’ you might say.
Other collections, websites and anthologies to celebrate the first National Flash Fiction Day are springing up and to make this one something unique I would really welcome some west country inspired stories. You know, as I do, that the south west is the place of dreams and adventure.

There are still 3 weeks left and if we carry on as we are there’s a plan to get a printed copy of all the stories together. In May I will open a website specially dedicated to the stories

If you’ve thought about submitting something but haven’t yet, you have until 31 March. Full details on original post here: Flash: oo-arr! Your West Country Needs You*

**UPDATE 10 March 2012: The new site is up and there is a new name too. Please visit Flash-Fiction South West

Here’s an email form if you want to contact me:

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