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This, and also that

When my page is blank, you don’t know that earlier I was full of ideas.

When my house is a tip, you don’t know that yesterday I cleaned all day and that it looked nice for ten minutes.

When I say something stupid, you don’t know that the last time I opened my mouth I spoke insightful wisdom.

When I am quiet all day, you don’t know how I love and long to sing.

When I cry, you don’t know that this morning I smiled.

When I write badly, you don’t know that last week I wrote brilliantly.

When I burn the dinner, you don’t know that yesterday’s meal was delicious perfection.

When I am tipsy, you don’t know that I have hardly drunk any alcohol for three months.

When I listen to ABBA, you don’t know that yesterday I listened to Vivaldi and tomorrow I will listen to The Libertines.

When I seem weak and easily controlled, you don’t know that I have had a long fight and am tired.

When I am shallow, you don’t know that I am really deep.

When I am grumpy, you don’t know how patient I have been for so long.

When I ask stupid questions, you don’t know that tomorrow I will have all the clever answers.

And when I create rubbish little blog posts, you don’t know about the good ones.

Unless you follow me on Twitter, of course.

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  1. Lovely Rachel, loved it! Never stop 🙂


  2. This is perfect! *prints out to keep in purse* 😀


  3. So true.


  4. reisispieces #

    I’ll totally be back for another look at these perfect little quotes. 😉


  5. clarekirkpatrick #

    Fabulous 🙂


  6. Rachel, your blog posts are never rubbish 🙂 Love this.



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