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Only An OU Student Knows The Feeling…

… of finishing an assignment, that finishes a course, that finishes a diploma (please let me pass it), in a chaotic household – with a glass of wine waiting on the cluttered desk, by the computer full of unanswered emails – with an empty tummy and an aching back, that brings a sense of achievement, a sense of self, a sense that maybe it was all worth it after all, that takes the wife back to the husband (thank you), the mother back to the child’s bedtime story (I’m here for the teenagers too, should they ask…), that brings a moment’s excitement, a moment’s high-flying-speedy-whooshy-whirly joyful whizzing-down-a-very-fast-slope-at-200-miles-an-hour screaming, ‘Yes! I bloody well did it!’

(Oh, how I wish my legs looked like that though…)

‘SUBMISSION RECEIVED Your submission was received by the university at 19.18.33 (UK time) on 12 May 2011’

Now… Where’s that wine glass…?

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  1. Well done you. You’re doing higher education the hard way. I used to tutor for the OU and my students made me feel very humble. Respect. And cheers 🙂


  2. Well done, it was a long slog AND IT’S OVER!


  3. Congrats. And now that you have more time….you have time to work on your legs.


  4. Well done! Did a short course with the OU and it was very hard work.


  5. Amy Campbell #

    If you haven’t had too much wine to read this by now, congrats!


  6. Thanks, folks.
    And no, Amy, not toooo much wine. 😉 (I’m taking pain killers)
    And Anne…. Really? An OU tutor? I didn’t know…
    R x


  7. Yayyyy! Well done you — big congrats, what a fabulous achievement! 🙂 M


  8. I know that feeling! Well done. Kids who go to uni straight from school with no other responsibilities don’t know how easy they have it.



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