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Not today, thank you

I have this blog to write thoughts and fiction and compare notes on what it is to be a writer. These are my own words and opinions but I am aware of the risk of offending so I am careful – even though this is my space.

I welcome different opinions and approaches. I appreciate feedback, input, suggestions. I love it when someone shows me a different way of looking at things – things I may not have noticed. It’s brilliant.

I am honoured when people take the time to visit, read and, better yet, comment. And people are welcome to disagree with me – and they do!

You know that feeling, when someone of a political or religious persuasion that you don’t really like or don’t agree with, knocks on your door? You know how you can feel bothered, almost accosted, in your own home? That’s what it feels like when someone visits your blog and insults your intelligence. Ironically, someone that thinks they are good with words…

It’s not on. If you can’t present a different opinion without insulting someone then you have no place submitting a comment to their blog. It’s intrusive. It remains there as a constant reminder of a put down. Agree to disagree but don’t get personal.

I felt today that some comments were wrong about me and my knowledge and experience, unnecessarily patronising and they have haunted me for hours. What a waste of a day!

So I have learned a valuable lesson. If it feels wrong, those comments have to go. Much as I love freedom of speech, sometimes it can be at the expense of someone else’s enjoyment of life.
Don’t stamp on people’s dreams. Especially if you don’t even have adequate boots.

And the photo. Well it’s wind turbines. Some people love them. Some people hate them. I love them because of what they represent. And it’s MY blog.

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  1. I *love* wind turbines, and so does Pea (Night Rainbow heroine!) so loved to see that picture!

    I haven’t seen the comments in question but yes, it is your blog. I do feel that it’s your space and if you don’t want something there you needn’t have it.

    Hope you’ve shaken it off now, or the wind has blown it away!


  2. Mary #

    Well said. It does feel crap when that happens.

    And I like the turbines too.


  3. Jenny Kline #

    Gonna have to disagree with the turbines – like what they’re doing, but they just give me the creeps, don’t know why?


    • I recommend hypnotherapy and childhood regression, Jenny. There’ll be some deep-seated memory in there causing your problem. Maybe a scary film you watched about a tall white man with three arms and fluffy green feet that ate children?


  4. Jo #

    I had something similar recently on a forum I posted, a person who said I used far too many long words and implied I didn’t know what I was talking about. Interestingly they removed their own comment after I posted a response (which recognised the differences we had but was very diplomatic). I sometimes think that individuals if they are unsure of their own arguement become defensive and jolly rude. I expect the person who commented on your blog is the sort that thinks they know it all and feels threatened by someone as articulate as you! LOL Don’t loose any sleep over it, people like that are not worth the effort.
    I love wind turbines by the way – I find them very arty! LOL But them I’m weird!


    • Thanks, Jo.
      You know if you keep calling yourself weird, people will start to believe you!


  5. I’m sorry I wasn’t online to offer support at the appropriate time. But I love wind turbines too. And also, yes that delete button is the way to go. Keep smiling xx


  6. I feel it an intrusion in your space to have some random twat dictate to you what you can and can not express, feel or discuss. The other is the person who feels it necessary to point out your flaws, mistakes or even spelling for heaven’s sake. Did you come here to read or edit my work…??

    Great symbolism and love the pic…good job!!


  7. Thanks, all 🙂


  8. A blog is a conversation and it’s like a conversation in someone’s home. The reader has, with the bloggers doors wide open, come into his or her home and joined the convo. So, the reader’s a guest. Guests should be polite, courteous, respectful…I could go on…even when expressing his or her opinion.

    I didn’t get to see the posts you removed but good for you. If the reader has nothing nice or even contradictory but constructive to say the reader should say nothing at all. The world is big enough for that person to find a place where everyone is just like him or her and they can all bask in their sameness. As for me, long live “agree to disagree” and long live diversity.



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