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Getting my head down

Study Time

Time to study

With a little reluctance and some internal stern talking to, I am forcing a brief fiction-writing and social-networking hiatus on myself. I guess it’s a kind of reverse sabbatical. You see, since 2000 I have been taking OU courses on and off, with no direction and no self-belief, thinking I hadn’t the brains to achieve degree level. Well, at the grand old age of 41, that has changed and I see a light at the end of the tunnel. But recently I keep diverting my attention because of my love for writing stories and communicating with other writers. Hideous family things have blighted my life too in the last 3 years and taken their toll on my study time and course grades.
Today I looked at my study calendar, the work I need to catch up with, my home and bookworking for my husband commitments and made a list. We have a seasonal business, so school holidays are frustrating from a parenting perspective. It is a daunting but, I believe, achievable list and if I get on with it and pass this year’s courses I will, finally, have that degree that I now realise is possible:
My qualifications

From my OU profile page

My Advanced Creative Writing course finishes in May and my Philosophy/Health & Social Care course finishes in September.
I really think this degree will help me with my self-confidence and my goal to become a serious writer but I am the world’s worst juggler and also very nosey about what’s happening out there, so this retreating is the way I need to do things for now.


Doing my homework

So from now until May I will be very studious indeed.
I’m going to be a good girl.
Yes I am.

Wish me luck. 🙂

Perhaps if you see me on Twitter or facebook, before the middle of May, you would be so good as to turn me around and point me in the direction of my books again!

(And damn those low self-esteem and self-doubt gremlins for slowing me down for so long!)

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  1. it’s really hard to concentrate.


  2. Been there. Done the juggling act. Good luck. Twitter will still be here and the birds will flock when you re-appear. XX


  3. Selfishly, I want to say “Nooooo, don’t leave us!”

    But I’ll force myself to say good luck, well done and you’re making the right decision. I’ll be thinking of you lots.

    Just as long as you come back 😀


  4. Good luck, Rach! I’ll miss you. Go get that degree, girl. See you in May xxxx


  5. Good luck with the rest of your course, I’m sure that you will do extremely well.

    Anyway, you shouldn’t be reading this, get studying! 🙂

    P.S. Don’t forget to look us all up once you’ve gained your degree.


  6. Thanks, all, for your lovely comments x 🙂


  7. I will miss you a lot… I already did and I came looking for your on Twitter and found your link to this. You are definitely doing the right thing though, I hope the lack of distraction will enable you to achieve your goals. Well done for making that decision, I hope everything goes really well.


    • Thanks, Rebecca. I am managing to find other distractions! Ooooops!



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