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Creative Crash

Today my head is exploding with ideas. I felt quite poetic this morning and collections of thoughts formed in little catchphrases on my lips. I’ve only really ever written 2 or 3 poems and don’t see myself as patient enough to write poetry regularly but today a poem was forming in the shower.
Two flash fiction ideas have been hitting me on the head in the last 2 days too.
I think this is happening because my mind has necessarily been taken over by practical thoughts for three weeks and my creative side is attention-seeking now that I am getting a few moments to myself.
The trouble is, all that has happened in the last few weeks has put me behind with so much else in life that I can’t give in to the creativity yet and the ideas are being left to get watery. On top of all the usual life gubbins, I am three weeks behind in 2 courses of OU reading and have 2 assignments to submit this month, meaning the free, expressive side of me must continue to wait.
So what will happen to these ideas? Where will they go? I expect they will vanish soon. But I like to think that like the ocean, new ideas will push up upon my shores and each incoming tide of ideas will always bring something that contains a mix of what was washed away on the last outgoing tide.
I do hope so.

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  1. Hmmm… I get that too. Generally, I try to jot down the main points for later.



  2. I keep separate notebooks for ideas I can’t use at a given moment but may work on later. A “waste not, want not” approach, if you will.

    There’s an old Portuguese saying, “Keep what you don’t want and you will find what you need.”


  3. Thanks, both. Always interesting to hear how others cope.



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