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I Find You There

      I do not find you at your grave,
      Although I stand and read your name.
      You’ve gone but still I search for you
      Where are you now your life is through?

      My hands on the arms of your favourite chair,
      Yes, I think you might be there
      My heart it aches with love for you
      You own a part – you’re in there too

      A happy photo smiles at me
      This is where I want you to be.
      A line in a song and I see your face
      And remember a walk in your favourite place.

      The love you left will never die
      Your life lives on in your family’s eyes.
      I’ll always miss your company
      But you live on in them and me.

      There is no end to the love that is you
      In others your life lives on, and through
      Your life you left enough
      That we might see and hold and touch.

      I rest my head now we’re apart
      And remember that which was dear to your heart
      Your values, dreams and chosen words
      Can still be felt and still be heard.

      I take a moment in my mind
      To think about the happier times,
      The thoughts and loves that we both shared
      Forever I will find you there.

Written on Wednesday 16th February 2011 – The morning of my Father-in-Law’s death, while thinking of my husband, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s loss, my mother’s, my own and my sisters’ loss and my brother-in-law (who has also just lost his father) and his family’s loss –

I want this to be relevant to others feeling similar losses so although written with specific personal thoughts and people in mind, have kept it simple, open and accessible and have naturally been influenced by other bereavement poems.

In front of me is a picture of my own father who died two years ago.

In loving memory of Dave Carter, Chris Wood, Roy Johnson
and the many others who are sadly missed

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  1. Chris Mosler #

    Beautiful Rachel. Poignant and gentle. Love to you. x


  2. Jenny Kline #

    Rachel, when we finally meet (which will probably consist of you signing a book for me), I think you need to buy me a new mascara. Beautiful poem, of course. Jen x


  3. Lovely. Heartfelt.


    • Thanks, Reb. Not usually a poet but today I didn’t care whether I was good enough or not. It was exactly that: heartfelt x


  4. Heartfelt indeed. And written so close to the event, we feel it. Treasure the memories. Hugs.


  5. A poem that breathes truth. Beautiful, as other have said, but also hopeful.

    This really moved me and made me think of those no longer in my life. Thank you.


  6. This is beautiful, Rachel. And I’m sorry for your loss. It was the anniversary of my Mum’s death on Sunday – and even though it was a long time ago – I still miss her -always will. Your poem drew some tears – but in that oddly comforting way that remembering a loved one induces.

    Take care. xx


  7. So sorry to hear of your sad news. What a lucky little boy to have you to protect and love him. Your poem is beautiful and I’m sure it brings comfort to many who have loved and lost. *big hugs* X


  8. This is so beautiful and has so much raw emotion in it, I have tears rolling down my face. Thinking of you x x x


  9. sue mather #

    this is so beautiful i have just lost my partner he meant everything to me he will never be replaced thinking of you ,much love


    • I’m so very sorry for your loss, Sue. You have my deepest sympathy x



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