Looks Lovely From The Air

Well it’s circles, innit? Always circles, we gets.
Always circles and always perfect. Sometimes going in and in and in and sometimes overlapping. But always circles ‘ere. And not a sound.

Ted Cromerty over at Downpool, well ee always gits ‘em maze type ones. Not maize maze but maze, you know? Like a puzzle type-a thing an all 3D an all … Does look lovely from the air, though, so they say.

Anyway. Uz gits the circles.
And no sign nor nothin’ like that ennathing’s been yur. No tracks, no footprints.
An’ I’ll tell ee what else. There’s never a single bent over stalk where there’s not menna be. Tiz perfect – like I say. Just there when uz wakes up.

So that’s how uz knows them’s ailyens

10 thoughts on “Looks Lovely From The Air

    • Hi Monica. I’ve decided today not to do the A-Z blog challenge after all. It does look like fun though and I hope you and everyone else enjoys it. My head’s a bit to busy at the moment!


  1. I found you through the A to Z, its too bad that you decided not to participate, it been great fun so far.

    Either way, since I’m here I wanted to say hello.


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