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How to Organise a Chaotic Brain

1. Get up late.
2. Spend the morning in your pyjamas.
3. Decide to make a list.
4. Go to fetch a pencil and notice that your phone needs charging.
5. Take your phone around the house with you, looking for your charger.
6. Notice that one of the children is only half dressed and do a bit of nagging.
7. Take your phone and your child’s pyjamas to the washing machine and start to organise the washing.
8. Remember that you haven’t made a list and leave the washing “for a minute…”
9. Go to look for a piece of paper and decide to put the kettle on as you walk past the kitchen.
10. Go upstairs while you are waiting for the kettle to boil and wonder what you are doing up there.
11. See your phone charger and try to remember where you put your phone.
12. Pick up your charger and a pencil and walk back downstairs past another pile of washing.
13. Remember you haven’t put the washing on yet.
14. Leave pencil and charger on the kitchen table and go back to the washing machine.
15. Sort washing into piles of importance and colours. Then realise there is not much coloured stuff so shove it in the machine any old how.
16. Realise that you don’t have everyone’s school uniform and turn the machine off again.
17. Remember that the kettle was on a while ago and go back into kitchen and reheat water.
18. Sit at kitchen table and start writing “Number 1” on list but realise it is lunchtime.
19. Ask son to make youngest child a sandwich so that you can get on with everything.
20. Continue list by writing “Do washing” next to number 1. then lift head to ask children if they have given you all their washing.
21. Go into study to put computer on, while waiting for sons’ school sweater.
22. Sit down and check emails.
23. Wonder why children are fighting and realise it is teatime.
24. Turn washing machine on.
25. Open freezer.
26. Put fish fingers in oven.
27. Pour wine.
28. Put a tick next to “Do washing”
29. Make new heading: “To do tomorrow”
30. Drink too much wine.
31. Take list up stairs and fall asleep on it.
32. Wake up thirsty at 3am in a mad panic with list stuck to your face and swear to be a better person tomorrow.
33. Wake up again tired and foggy, wondering where list is and try to remember what you were going to do today
34. Get up late

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  1. jenny kline #

    You’ve been spying on me again Rachel, absolutely spot on as usual. You forgot 17a – Ask Rachel about her TMA although she sent it to me already!


    • I’m glad my TMA wasn’t that bad that it stuck out in your memory Jenny! I see that as a positive


  2. I’m swaying between chuckling and feeling exhausted by your day. That’s some list!


    • The good news is I’m actually on load 2 of the washing and am now doing some actual proper work in the office! And it’s not even teatime! >Looks at watch and gasps<


  3. Leave out the children and I’m afraid that is me also – how many of us follow this list?!!!

    you did get two ticks and the phone and charger are more nearly re-united than at the beginning – result!


  4. Amanda #

    Sounds like you may have managed to put your phone in the washing machine too…



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