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Ether Books (and me)

For those of us that always carry an iPhone or iPod Touch around with us, the free Ether Books app is a brilliant way of passing brief periods of time at bus stops, on trains, in the loo, while on hold to our favourite utility company, in our lunch break, if our partner is watching something boring on TV, etc, etc, etc.

If you love to read and find yourself with an odd minute or two and don’t have a hulking great book, magazine, laptop, Kindle, (other readers are available ;)) on your person, the Ether app is a perfect way of sneaking in a bit of quiet, palm-sized escapism.

Six DaysI’m happy to say that my first stories for Ether have been published on their app. These first few are free, very short or “flash” length fiction. And there are more stories on the way.
There are many other free stories by other authors and longer stories too – for just a few pennies. And if you’re not sure you can afford a few pennies, all stories have a blurb and a first page preview to help you make up your mind.

I recommend giving them a try. You have nothing to lose!

Ether books publish for iPhone, iPods and iPads and their app is free.

Make your train journey home a little less tedious! 🙂

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  1. jenny kline #

    Well Done Rachel, I’m looking forward to reading your stories.



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