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Okay – so I did NaNoWriMo…

My back aches.

My backside is numb.

But I did it.

Boy, it feels good.

I have something that I can turn into a novel over the next few months and I now know that I can write 50,000 words in less than a month if I need to.
I had a whole week of not writing for NaNoWriMo because of completing a psychology course, so some days I had to write over 4,000 words to catch up.

Being bloody-minded, having older children that are at school and an understanding partner are what have made this possible.
I couldn’t have done it with small children around and I take my hat off to anyone that did.

Nuff said

National Novel Writing Month 2010: accomplished.

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  1. Gratz! I’m hoping to hit 50,000 words tomorrow πŸ™‚ I work full time and have 3 sons plus a long suffereing husband. I got up at 5am every morning this month to write in my NaNoWriMo MS so that it didn’t interfere with family or work time. I’m hoping to keep up the pace until mid Dec by which time I figure I should have the first draft of my book completed.


    • Denyse, you are already a winner in so many ways. But I am super impressed now. You are determination personified!
      Well done and good luck with the final push πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. theWriteRach #

    Well done Rach – brilliant!! xx


  3. Congrats Rach, that is a great feeling I bet! x


  4. I think it’s an amazing achievement. I’m only at 14,000 and it’s taken me a month and a half to get to that! Anyone that even contemplates doing NaNo has some stamina, so actually completing it is a massive feat. Well done Rach!


  5. Carey #

    I am so impressed!!!!!


  6. Thank you – Rach, Rebecca, Jane & Carey! xx



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