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Fast Food

‘Aww. Hang on a minute, Kaz – I love this programme! Leave it on this channel.’

So now we see those chicken pieces going a lovely golden colour which means they are ready to turn. And remember this is just olive and oil and seasoning. Very low fat and healthy and still looks and smells gorrrrgeous…

‘Oh yeah. He’s great. You could actually eat some of the stuff he cooks.’

So in go all those thinly sliced veg we prepared just now and we keep stirring to get it hot all the way through and Bob’s yer uncle. Or in my case, Harry. My uncle’s called Harry. Haw haw!’

‘Funny too…’

Okay – so we’re ready to serve… Quick as that! Yum…

‘We could do that, Kaz.’
‘We could, Jakey. Dead simple. Looks really nice too.’
‘Bloody speedy. Be on the table in no time. We’ll do that one, one night shall we?’
‘Yeah, sure. Not tonight though…’
‘No, not tonight…’
‘I’ve had those hotdogs defrosting all day.’
‘Have you, Kaz? I like hotdogs. Nice and easy.’
‘Ya know what? I might just pop them in the microwave – just to make sure. And shall we send Tiny out for chips or do you not want to wait that long? Maybe I’ll defrost some extra rolls, shall I?’
‘Pop down the pub later and get our little princess a sorbet after, shall we? Gotta get some fruit inside her somehow?’
‘I’ve got some oranges from Denise-up-the-road’s 2-for-1 shop today?’
‘Awww no – oranges take too long. They’re all fiddly… Alright… Shush now. He’s doing the dessert…’

Welcome back. Here’s what you’ll need for my healthy 2-minute Greek orange pud…

‘We could do that, Jakey.’
‘We could, Kaz…’
‘Not tonight though…’
‘No. Not tonight…’

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  1. Had a good laugh with this! Have had my share of sitting mesmerized by a cooking show. Still plan on making a few of the recipes.

    Also, had sorbet after lunch. Raspberry. So my fruit is taken care of for today. 😀


    • Well done Marisa. You’re all healthy now 🙂


  2. *snort* This is such a brilliant flash! I love it.
    I am sure we have all had moments like this too. Not that everyone would admit it, of course! Well done you.


    • Thank you Rebecca. Plenty of people with unused celebrity cookbooks out there…


  3. Brilliant slice of reality. I all too often find myself going for an easy option after a particularly busy day, after buying several cook books to help me.


    • Thanks, Jane. I think we’ve become a bit frightened by food preparation. I blame our grandparents who became obsessed with tinned food in the 50s.
      Well that’s my theory this morning!


  4. Ha! Perfect. This is one reason why I no longer watch cookery shows on TV.


    • It’s like a lot of things – we should just get on with it instead of watching and reading how-to stuff all the time… 😉



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