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My Guest Blogger Returns!

Back in early February 2010, Gemma was one of the first (if not THE first) to review the first book in a fabulous new teen fiction/young adult series by the ever winsome Tamsyn Murray (If you don’t believe she’s winsome, just follow her on Twitter!)
(You can read Gemma’s review of My So-Called Afterlife here or on Amazon.)


Gemma, aged 15 and 3/4

Now it is time for Book II – Hooray! (that’s a cheer, not the name of the book) and Gemma has again been impressed enough to put down her laptop/guitar/mobile phone/hair-straighteners/boyfriend/pencil/paintbrush/camera, etc. and write an enthusiastic response.

I’ll shut up now and let Gemma get a word in…

MY SO-CALLED HAUNTING, by Tamsyn Murray:

First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to Tamsyn Murray, the lovely author, who saw I was a bit upset on twitter and decided to send me the book to cheer me up. It certainly did. (: And I’d also like to say sorry this took so long to write!

Now, the serious bit. I was so excited for this book – I read the first one in a matter of hours and when Mum told me that Tamsyn was sending me the second one, I was over the moon.

My So-Called Haunting

The Second 'My So-called...' Book

As soon as I’d read the blurb I knew it was going to be very different to My So-Called Afterlife. Reading on, I noticed the storyline seemed like it was aimed at a slightly older audience, dealing with much more mature issues (such as gun crime, gang culture and psycho boyfriends… To name a few.. Without giving too much away.. ) I’m not sure whether this was intentional…
Anyway I really liked it and I was glad to know I hadn’t grown out of it!
The characters still have massive personalities – Skye is just as loveable as Lucy, and I found Mary, especially, HILARIOUS. (was that just me..?) The plot is just as gripping, just as exciting, and was the same emotional rollercoaster – I laughed out loud, I was genuinely spooked and I just managed to hold back my tears. The whole way through, I was hooked and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one!
Lastly, I want to say I LOVE the new cover design. It looks lovely, and although you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover I would definitely pick it up in a shop.
Okay, it’s over and out from me now, thank you again for the book Tamsyn, and hurry up with the third one!


Gemma Carter, 26th September 2010

Thank you Gemma!
Love Mum xxx

Here’s an example of Gemma’s unbelievable drawing talent and imagination.
(Sorry – couldn’t resist a bit of parental bragging!)

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  1. A fab review – thanks so much, Gemma! Thanks to you, too, Rachel for hosting it. I’m glad you enjoyed the book (and weren’t too old for it) and I’ll be quoting this review just like I did the last one 🙂


    • Thank YOU for getting her off her laptop for a while! Amazon review to be done very soon… Watch this space (well not this space)


  2. And also, how awesome is that giraffe?!



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