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Books I’ve enjoyed in Summer 2010

Following a gentle nudge on Twitter from the immensely affable young writer Nik Perring to ‘spread the word of good writing’ by recommending some books, I thought it only right and proper to show you my latest book delights.
Here’s what I’ve read and loved recently:

Too Many Magpies by Elizabeth Baines
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (I know – it should be ‘Traveller’ but she’s American, bless her…)
Not So Perfect by Nik Perring
The Road Home by Rose Tremain
The Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology

And two books that my mum lent to me recently and I gave straight back after reading because she’d written her name in them (I can take a hint!):

Wife Interrupted by Amy Molloy
The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer

Not a huge reading list from someone who claims to love reading and writing but I only read books in bed at night. The rest of the day I squeeze Writers’ magazines, brilliant blogs and – now it’s a new academic year – my Open University course materials into any time I allow myself.
There’s a lot of accomplished writing on the Internet, particularly flash fiction which is worth rummaging around for.

(Confession Time….
I haven’t finished reading The Bristol Prize Anthology … shhhh…)

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  1. Brill list Rachel. I’ve only read Not So Perfect which I loved but The Time Traveler’s (bless her) Wife is one I’ve looked at so many times!

    And as for not having enough time, pfht! As if you couldn’t fit in another couple of hours a day. Slacker. 😉


  2. Thanks SO much for the mention! That’s made me smile!

    Ooh – and Rebecca – the Time Traveler’s Wife is wonderful! If it wasn’t for reminding me of when I got together with a Very Bad Ex it would be about my fave ever! 🙂 Wonderful story, brilliantly told!

    Thanks again!




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