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A quickie inspired by different thoughts mulling around my head for different reasons today…

The yoga and Tai Chi sessions on the wide sloping hotel lawn at dawn following early nights and early morning herbal teas; the perfect balance achieved by exactly the right amount of sleep, fluid and ‘mental attitude improving’ positions had grounded her. Everything was quiet, gentle, slow motion, thoughtful. After the first two days she had stopped drinking alcohol and caffeine, stopped biting her nails, fell asleep easily at night and now towards the end of week two could feel the strength in her back complimenting the strength of her mind. The anger and food cravings had passed, her countenance had softened and her equanimity had been restored to a state she couldn’t remember ever achieving before. As she took a ‘deep, deep breath from the diaphragm’ and prepared to ‘hold, hold, hold the position,’ she saw Sean and Jake running up from the beach after an early morning surf for their cooked breakfast and strong fresh coffee without her in the hotel conservatory as they had done every morning this holiday. Picturing Sean stepping into the shower in half an hour’s time, satiated by all but one of his favourite earthly pleasures she succumbed to an overriding desire to forsake the yoga, leg it ungracefully after him, lick her husband’s salty shoulder before challenging him to a tequila and card game tournament later that night knowing it would result in them spending their last day of the holiday blighted by alcohol poisoning.

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  1. I really liked how I felt like I was entering a yoga-like state before rapidly being shocked out of it by the swift change of pace at the end. I so enjoyed this perfectly balanced short.


  2. yearzerowriters #

    Ha ha ha, I was thinking I needed to get me some of that chillax recipe you lay out, before agreeing, hell no, get me the other menu! The a la carte one

    Marc Nash


  3. Like Kathryn, I was lulled into a trance, and did want to take a “‘deep, deep breath from the diaphragm’ and prepared to ‘hold, hold, hold the position.’”

    And what a perfect way to end a holiday. Earthly pleasures, indeed. 🙂 Delightful read!


  4. Oh I think it’s high time she has a bit of a blow-out!


  5. Wow that was amazing, I was actually feeling relaxed at the beginning there. Great descriptions of what sounds like a bit of a retreat. Loved the ending though. The oldest temptations are the best…



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