‘Sorry – do you mind? I’ll just sit here on the floor. I won’t get in your way.’

‘Doesn’t bother me. Seems a shame with that lovely skirt though. An hour they give me for these loos. An hour, I tell you! I could clean all day and still not get rid of that smell. Gawd knows what they do in here Friday nights and I’m not sure I want to know.
Someone’s wedding, is it?
Oh, there, there. Have some bog roll. Emotional things – weddings. A winter wedding, hey? Did she wear white?’

‘Hasn’t happened yet. Twelve o’clock. But I’m not sure she should marry. I don’t think she’ll be faithful.’

‘And you’re wondering whether to say something to the groom before it’s too late?’

‘Something like that. Be easier to stay here and not go at all.’

‘Sit there as long as you like, love. Nice buttonhole. What are they?’

‘Snowdrops for hope, violets for faithfulness. Talk about setting yourself up for disappointment.’

‘You married?’

‘Not yet.’

‘Still young, plenty of time. Me and Don never married. He wasn’t perfect but I loved him. I learnt to ignore him straying because it was better than the alternative.’

‘Which was?’

‘Not being with him.
Five to, love. You’ll miss it.’

‘It’s okay. They won’t start without me.’

‘You’ve pulled all the violets out.’

‘That leaves me with hope. It’s better than the alternative.’

‘It’s your wedding? But you said…
So who’s the lucky feller?’

She is. Bye.’


18 thoughts on “Omission

  1. I’ve realised there are a couple of ways of looking at this ending and I like that. Some people don’t like the uncertainty and want the author to spell out exactly their intention. But as it’s my blog I’m leaving it a bit ‘Is it this or is it that?’ So there. 😀


  2. Read it three times and decided it means something different each time. Love that, Ill probably be thinking about what it does mean all day though. Another great story!


  3. I love the conversational voices, you have captured real personalities there, especially the cleaner. You have managed to convey a lot just through the conversation, and I like the way the story emerges gradually, with the cleaner acting as a catalyst. The violets are a nice touch, as is the twist at the end.


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