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A Very Special Guest Blogger!


A Teenager

<– We have this teenager (She doesn’t always scowl) who has been an avid reader since, well since before she could read really! … When I was pregnant with our second child and suffering from exhaustion she would sit on the bed with me at 18 months young and tell me the stories from The Large Family Collection.

Since then she has read almost every book she could get her hands on and munched them up like a hungry book worm. So when we came across brand new, soon-to-be-published, teen-fiction author Tamsyn Murray on Twitter, we were very interested.

To cut a long story short – Gemma was fifteen this week and when Tamsyn found out about the forthcoming birthday she posted a signed copy out to us in record time. What a hero!

Now as a kind of a thank you and because Gemma was so impressed we thought a mini-review would be the decent thing to do.

Over to Gemma . . .

Ok, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. As for the plot, I’m not giving anything away, I have friends who want to read the book and obviously I don’t want to spoil it for them (or I just can’t be bothered to write a massive long essay..)
Just finished My So-Called Afterlife.. It was very good indeed. Honestly, I haven’t stayed up that late at night to read a book since Twilight. That’s got to be something. It hooked me in, like a … hooky thing – I was on chapter eight within about half an hour of starting.
Anyway, all the clichés you hear on the backs of books like “it’ll make you laugh and cry“.. and “You won’t be able to put it down”… COMPLETELY TRUE.
You have genuine proof from my mum (ask her, she’ll tell you) that I laughed out SEVERAL times (a tramp stuffing biscuits down the toilet? Genius.) and I definitely would have cried at several points near the end… if I wasn’t so ‘ard.
As for the un-put-down-able-ness, have you ever tried putting your pyjamas on with an ipod in one hand and a book in the other? Yes, really. I couldn’t stop reading it.
I really couldn’t find much fault with it at all!
Oh, except that the girl on the cover isn’t wearing Ugg boots.

Gemma Carter, 4th February 2010. Aged 15 and a day

My So-Called Afterlife
My So-Called Afterlife by Tamsyn Murray. Available at all booksellers with any sense.

Thanks very much to Tamsyn (read more here) who now needs to learn to write faster!

Can I just add that I’m trying to talk Gemma into setting up a teen-fiction book review blog (or a book review blog aimed at teenagers!) please add a comment if you agree that she should!

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  1. Tam #

    Thank you both for this. I’m so pleased you liked it. In fact, I’d be crying myself if I wasn’t also so ‘ard.

    Seriously, this is fab and much more than my own soon-to-be-fifteen year old has done! I will make sure you get a preview of the next book (My So-Called Haunting, out in September). We may have to make up another birthday for you, Gemma, like the queen but I don’t suppose you’ll mind that so much.

    Thanks again!

    Tamsyn x


    • Rachel #

      Good idea about the second birthday. Perhaps Gemma could have mine in Sept, I don’t need anymore!


  2. Yes, Gemma, definitely start up a teen fiction book review blog! Whose opinion could be better than someone the book’s aimed at?


    • Rachel #

      Thanks Cathy.



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