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Young Genius

Tess's Story

By Tess, aged four and three quarters

Today Tess sat and drew and drew and drew. She’s not normally one to sit and concentrate for long, so I was extremely impressed.

When she had finished she showed me this amazing picture of the garden. If you look carefully, you can see accurate representations of her tyre swing, her slide and her trampoline. Maybe the strange, scary green person with the odd eyes is me…. I don’t know. But I do wear too much mascara, so it might be.

While I was enthusing over this wonderful creation, she told me that it was a story and I had to write the words for her. So she dictated the story and showed me where to write it.

This is how it goes…

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Joel and he was in his garden, sitting around on his bench. And then he met a boat and he said ‘What are you here for boat?’ And the boat said: ‘I’m going to take you for a ride to the sea and then I’ll bring you home again.’
Then Joel saw a big BIG flower. The flower was so big and all the seed fell out of the flower and the petals weren’t very colourful, so he got his pencils and coloured the big flower petals in.
By Tess

(Joel is Tess’s big brother. That’s him at the bottom on his scooter)

It’s brilliant. I’m jealous.

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  1. That’s brilliant! I love the story. Well done, Tess!


  2. Love it. Definitely a genius!


  3. Louisa Lemon #

    Thanks for the comments. Tess was very pleased to get some positive feedback! 🙂



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