Stationery geek alert!


My lovely new A6 linen notebook. It’s better than getting a new kitten!

After buying several (okay – 14 ) A5 notebooks and one A6. I have now entered the realms of stationery obsession. It’s a new feeling and I rather like it!
I decided this week that what I need is a notebook in every room of the house for my creative writing course and one A6 notebook for when I’m out-and-about.

And of course I have O.D.ed on pens too:
These are really soft papermate pens and don’t seem to give me too much trouble with cramp.
They are also all over the house!
Boring post? If you’re a stationery anorak, you will understand

7 thoughts on “Stationery geek alert!

    • Haha! Natalie! I might be interested but Cathy likes jogging too much. You’d never get her to be addicted to being still!! 😉


  1. There’s nothing better than buying a new pen and pad. I buy too many because I never want to finish them. I have been irreparably scarred after completing a notebook… It felt wrong not having it to write in anymore. It’s one of my prized possessions now!


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