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This is so bad. But also very funny. I just had to share it. I have never typed so fast or so badly before in my life. A ten minute unfocussed freewrite . . . .

okay. So just keep on writing writing writing. Don’t look back, don’t worry about spelling, grammar, pinctuation. Inhibitions out of that womdow. Stop even thinking about the fact that you are thinking about the fact that you are writing. Let those words flow flow flow out of your head and into your finger tips. But don’t even think about that process otherwisde you’ll start getting all inhibited again. Qrods flow think and fast nothingness sometimes little nuggets if something at other times it is a bit lie a triver. Sometimes fast flowing and full of muddy water just gushing rapidly probably full of crap but lways flowing. It has picked up the debirs from the fields on oits way mud and coshit grass and trees dirty brown fast flowing and never stopping. Other times it has slowed to a trickle and is clear and quiet and rather pretty, but we don’t want that we want it to flow full and fast amd muddy, never stopping. Poeple keep away from the edges you may not liek what you see! It miht be smell. There might be dead rats in it. It might even pick you up and seep you away you might be killed by it or just mamed. They might be able to bring you back to life, but you will be damaged for ever by the shit in her. Is the kind of death you want? Ha ha why am I talking about drowning in a dirty river. ojh dear there are those inhibitions back aginb. When the river is ful of all this dirty brownnesss t has to go somewhere. It may flood towns and villages it maytake out bridges! It may just flow on down to the sea and just be another drop in the ocea. Out at sea everything is diluted, less significant, but is it less potent. I’m thinking now about seawage being let out into the sea its disguisting, eventually it gets lost in a vast wide ocen, but does it become less dangerous. Lots of the crap ends up on the beachs and is picked up by small choildren. Poepl swim and suf in the sea and pick up diseases. Ear infections. Its that what happens to Barbar Cartland novels. Are they big rivers of muddy water or are they streams of shit/. Do they get diluted by the tide of other stuff out there or do they come back to hunant us -nwashing up on our beaches (loibraries and bookshelves0 to continue to damage and disease us for yearsn and yeras to cpome. Have I writtedna lot of words uyet. My husband keeps disturbing me and I am tryong to ignore hio,. OIthought I was on my own, but just as I get going he comes back into the house. How do other write rers manage with this. Conatsatnt ditractions are very dMAGING TO ON’ES CREATIVITY. aDS IS REALLY BAD WRIST CRAPMPE FROM AN OLD INJURY. i KEEP GOING ON ABOUT IT, BUT IT’S ALWAYS THERE AND ALWAYS WULL BE. rESIDUAL STIFFNESS THE SURGEON SAID. iT WILL HEAL WELL BUT YOU’LL PROBABLY ALWAYS HAVE RESIDUAL STIFGNESS

(another caps lock accident!!)

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  1. Shannon #

    Ha, ha, ha! I think you have just invented a new language. Are compiling the dictionary next? Amazing what comes out when you really let go.


  2. Louisa Lemon #

    Qrods coshit and loibraries – watch this space! Oh dear . . .



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