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Once Upon a Time . . .


(It was 10 minutes actually, but I took 5 extra seconds correcting typos)
Once upon a time (!) there was a silly little (well quite tall actually) woman in Devon, who decided that it was time to stop dreaming and start writing. She had been very tough on herself for years and thought that the way to become a good person was to keep doing doing doing all the time. Keep the house tidy, make nice meals, wash up, do lots of washing and look lovely for her husband. She tried to help as much as she could to bring money into the house, by helping with the business and climbing up the property ladder. But she was struggling. She had wanted to be normal all her life and had always felt it important to fit in. But now she realised that not being true to yourself was really hard work and soul-destroying. So, she decided (unintentionally at first) to let go of all the stuff that was holding her back – like worrying about the state of the house, and everyone having clean clothes every day and even stopped caring that the bathroom tiles were quite frankly disgusting and that creamy, yellowy peach and magnolia were liveable with. Who cares. Instead she concentrated on being sane and not busy, busy, busy all the time. It suited some people, but not her. She needed quiet time, calm time, lots of sleep and thinking and daydreaming time for her sanity and she needed a form of self expression. She went back to playing her piano and her flute for a while….but there was still something missing. She did a few Open University courses and enjoyed them and discovered other ‘not normal’ types, but there was still something missing. Then one day she came across a course called ‘Creative Writing’ and wow! She was going to do that – for sure! So she signed up, got into the chat forums and the course materials arrived and she hasn’t looked back since. She knew instinctively that it was the right thing to do. It would be nice if she found that she was good at it, she thought. But it didn’t really matter that much. She would be doing something that made her happy – that satisfied her and that was what counted. Great for the heart and soul. A bit of self-expression. Lovely. She also came across like-minded dreamy people and is getting happier by the day. Her husband doesn’t fully understand, but he loves her and wants her to be happy. And he’s secretly hoping she’ll churn out loads of best-sellers and they’ll become rich

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  1. Love it. Did you do it as a freewrite or did you stop and think at all?


  2. Louisa Lemon #

    No thinking, no stopping. That’s why it’s so honest! I was trying to avoid the noise it makes if you pause (haven’t heard it yet and I’m scared!)and I wanted to challenge my typing speed which is usually quite slow compared to some.


  3. Louisa Lemon #

    I’ve just noticed that i wrote ‘Lovely.’ towards the end. I don’t remember writing that 🙂


  4. I love the way this flows, as if it’s been poured out. And, by the by, if you’d written ‘Once upon a time (!) there was a silly little…woman in HAMPSHIRE…’ you could have been writing about me! 🙂


  5. I did it the other day and didn’t get any noises, the background changed colour when I paused though. I’m going to do it now and nick your idea and start with Once upon a time …



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