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Breaking the Rules

The suggestion that we should write early in the morning, before our picky, sensible conscience kicks in and when our dreams are still fresh didn’t happen at all this morning.
As I tried to wake up, I drifted in and out of mini realities, that I have no intention of writing down. And I worried about the fact that our little daughter would be going straight from school to play at a friend’s house and I wouldn’t know if she’d eaten properly, was happy, etc, etc….
This writing on waking is going to be a discipline that I will put on hold until a time when mornings are calmer – when the children leave home perhaps!
So instead I waited until the house was empty and sat by an open garden door with my head down and without my contact lenses in and just absorbed the world around me.
I came up with something that combines the spirit of Haiku, freewriting and Virginia Woolf’s observational notebook writing, but without the eyes. As I looked through what I had written (on the back of an envelope) I saw patterns of 3 lines – Haikus – not always 17 syllables, but never more.

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