Groggy Scribblings

So I reached the part in the BRB workbook where we are advised to start writing the minute we wake up. I was enjoying a bit of self-exploration until this point…
1. I don’t actually wake up. I emerge from a chrysalis over a period of about 3 hours. I can’t actually move for about an hour. My husband brings me 2 cups of tea and the first one goes cold, I just slowly inhale its vapours. It wouldn’t be possible for me to pick up a pen at this point.
2. The house is too distracting. By the time I can actually move enough to drop my arm down to the floor to reach for a pen, my older children are saying goodbye to catch the school bus and my youngest is bringing me things.

So now I’ve gone from not-awake-enough-to-hold-a-pen, to too-awake-to – ‘hitch my unconscious mind to my writing arm.’ (Dorothea Brande: Becoming a Writer)
Not only has my mind been thrown into the here-and-now, but I’m still not functioning well physically.
Here’s my first effort:
Slurp, gulp, slurp, gulp. Slow groggy waker forces herself awake, forces down tea. The heaviness of sleep is like a force to be fought off…Don’t wake easily.
Immediately disturbed by small daughter who has found an old plastic phone-card. This ‘morning writing’ may not be for me!
In my dream there was a house. I don’t remember an outside, or an upstairs, although I knew that there was an upstairs. Just one room. There was confusion. People coming and going like a Bed and Breakfast or backstage. Clothes and needs – like food. I felt responsible in some way, but largely ignored

Oh please don’t let Freud loose on this one!
There’s more but I won’t bore you. I shall try again tomorrow, but I’m not getting up stupidly early – I need my 8 hours!
(and yes – I did use punctuation!)

4 thoughts on “Groggy Scribblings

  1. I’m awake, once I’m standing (depending on how much I’ve drank the night before. If I’ve drank a lot on Saturday then I probably won’t be awake until Tuesday). I tried the writing down my dreams as soon as I got up thing last year and it does help you to remember them. I wrote about five pages for one of my dreams. And it’s weird because you know if you say to someone “Oh, I had this really weird dream last night” and they say “what was it about?” and then you can’t actually remember enough to put into words? Well, when I go back to my notebooks now with dreams in, even though they’re months old, they come back clearly!


  2. I tried it last year when I was studying A174. It was not a success. Once my eyes are open, I’m wide awake, but the only thing that goes through my mind is ‘Am I going to get the kids to school on time?!’ and I’m loathe to give up any sleep at all.


  3. Thanks Natalie and Cathy. It’s always so helpful to hear other people’s experiences, don’t you think. Natalie – can I add a link to your live journal?


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