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Memories you can’t disguise, a history of happenings or trouble or accident. Colours of claret burgundy, dark red. Furniture, table, surface, carpet ruined. Fabric bleeds. Wipe rub wash. Sit on it to hide it. Something or someone gone but evidence remains.
Drunk? A party? An alcoholic?
Bottle or glass drips
A ring of dark red is left.
An innocent happy memory of a pleasant evening or a lonely memory of one person’s solitary drinking.
Get a cloth and try to wipe it away or sit and look and touch and remember.
Pub garden table of porous wood soaks up the colour. Cover it with and ashtray – or maybe not these days! Cover it with a plastic menu holder.
Best clothes ruined by a wine stain become old clothes, gardening clothes, walking the dog clothes.
A ring of red on a circle of Irish linen turns brown with age, but she never washes it. She looks at it and remembers her loved one. He put his glass there.

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  1. This is what I think of as freewriting. You can make a dozen stories from what you’ve written here. Brilliant.


    • Louisa Lemon #

      My wine-loving husband made me do it! Thanks for your comments again :o)



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